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Spinmax Red - the original

"Spinmax Red - maximum spin! Spinmax really is revolutionary! It's a table tennis bat rubber cleaner and it preserves your rubber. Spinmax has been purposely and specifically formulated for use on table tennis bat rubbers. It's main feature is it's ability to enhance the grippy surface characteristics of table tennis bat rubber. In fact, Spinmax increases the coefficient of friction considerably, enabling excellent control and spin generation. Spinmax is resistant to moisture and environmental temperatures, allowing for consistent grip across all weather conditions, such as winter cold and summer humidity. Tested and approved to International tournament standards."
This is the original version of Spinmax, the main properties as described on the home page. This version is heptane-based, the same solvent used in most table tennis glues and speed glues, so proper handling precautions must be adhered to.
View the manufacturers Spinmax Red instructions here (right click and choose 'save target as' to save picture to your PC). It is VERY important to read these instructions carefully, to maximum the effectiveness of Spinmax.

Spinmax Blue formula - speed glue version

This version of Spinmax is basically the same as Spinmax Red, but diluted and therefore less concentrated. This may be more suitable for those that speed glue, as they may prefer less increase in grip, so as to not sacrifise increases in speed. Since this version is simply a less concentrated version of Spinmax Red, it won't be discussed in any more details here.

Spinmax Aqueous

Spinmax AqueousSpinmax Aqueous - the new Spinmax. Free of organic solvents but still with more spin. The new Spinmax Aqueous tunes the rubber and increases the durability of the rubber by enhancing and maintaining the tacky surface.
Spinmax Aqueous can be applied shortly before a game without any problems and without contravening the new speed glueing regulations. Because this version of spinmax is water based, and therefore has a slower evaporation rate, a different applicator pad should to  be used to ensure the right amount of spinmax is applied to your rubber to ensure maximum effectiveness. A bonus of this new version of Spinmax is that since it contains no organic solvents and is not flammable, it can be safely shipped via air!
View the manufacturers Spinmax Aqueous instructions here (right click and choose 'save target as' to save picture to your PC). It is VERY important to read these instructions carefully, to maximum the effectiveness of Spinmax.
Although Spinmax is technically classed as a cleaner, it does a little more than that. It enhances the rubber surface  tackiness, restoring it's grip to when you first took it out of it's packet!. It works particularly well for Chinese style tacky (sticky) rubbers and keeps them tacky or even adds a little more tackiness. It is particularly handy if there is a lot of moisture in the air and you want to ensure your rubber will still grip the ball. Some like to use it on non-tacky rubbers as well, like many of the Euro and Japanese style rubbers. Spinmax Original (red & blue) will  significantly enhance and thus change the grip of the rubber surface, so going from non-tacky to tacky, so you need to consider what impact this has. Spinmax Aqueous will not turn a non-tacky rubber into a tacky one, but will restore a rubber's grip, making it similar to a new one.
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