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Below are a series of  common questions asked by new (or old) users of Spinmax. Please note that the answers are my own (haggisv) personal opinions, and may not necessarily be endorced or guaranteed by the manufacturer, although many issues and conclusion have been discussed directly with them.
1. Does it really work?
Well there is no doubt that Spinmax works, both Spinmax Red and Spinmax Aqueous are very effective.  If you need more grip on your rubbers there is no cleaner out there that comes even close to the performance of Spinmax. Some of the experiments in the Spinmax Review section confirm this.
2. Does it work by leaving a sticky goo on my rubber?
No I don't believe it does, although a very small residue might remain. Spinmax seems to soak into the rubber surface, and simply enhances the friction level of your rubber, it does not make every rubber the same ultra tacky. Evidence of this is shown in Spinmax Reviews section
  • it takes some time for the Spinmax to react with the rubber to reach maximum potential
  • tackiness remains after a good clean/rub with a cleaner sponge
  • friction level of the rubber depends on how grippy it is in the first place.

Note: Inproper use or overuse may result on excess residue.

3. Will Spinmax be affected by the latest ITTF Annoucement on VOCs in glue and within the rubber?
Spinmax Red uses heptane as it's main solvent, which is a VOC and is the same one commonly used in many table tennis glues. However when used to simply wipe the rubber surface with Spinmax Red, the VOC would evaporate almost immediately, and  once this has happened, the bat would be perfectly legal. It has been estimated that rubbers glued onto a bat with glues containing VOCs, take about 3 days before all the vapours have evaporated. So the time taken for Spinmax red to evaporate from the surface of the rubber would be a tiny fraction of this. Spinmax Aqueous is 100% VOC free as it's water based, so there will be no issues at all for this one.
4. How Often should I use Spinmax on my rubber?
It is recommended to only use it only once before a session. Cleaning with water and a damp cloth or sponge is recommended in between, and will actually maximise the effect of Spinmax. It is more common for users of Spinmax to only apply it once every 3-4 sessions, or perhaps  once a week, and clean with water in between these times.
5. Can I overuse Spinmax?
If you use spinmax too often, you'll find that a sticky residue will build up onto the rubber surface, which does not make it any stickier, but can produce inconsistant results. This mainly applies to the original Spinmax Max. Once a rubber has been properly applied with spinmax, it will become as grippy as it can get, more spinmax will not make it even stickier... So it's recommended to only use it as often as described in the instructions, or as described in 4. above.
6. Do I really need the applicator kit?
Well technically you don't. However with the applicator kit the applications are likely to be much less messy, and it ensure that the right amount of liquid gets onto your rubber. The pads are attached to plastic applicator with velcro, so only pads need to be replaced when required. The pads are just the right thickness to hold enough liquid to transfer to your rubber, and to ensure it does not evaporate or dry before you finish cleaning. It also ensures that not too much liquid goes onto the rubber.
7. How often should I replace the pads?
It would be good practice to replace pads when you finish a bottle of Spinmax. Residue does build up on the pads, and the longer you use it, the greater the chance of some excess residue to end up on your rubber. The Spinmax Aqueous pads can be washed in soapy water to be used a little longer.
8. Do I need different pads for the Spinmax Red and Aqueous?
Yes you do, although the latest pads are suitable for use on both. The Spinmax Red pads needed to be a little thicker, since it needs to hold the liquid in the pad for long enough to complete the application, before it evaporates. Spinmax Aqueous is water based, so it does not evaporate nearly as quickly.
9. Is Spinmax Aqueous as good as Spinmax Red?
A good question, and there do appear to be some subtle differences. The manufacturer tells us the active ingredient of both liquids are the same, but the solvent that it's contained in is different. As my own experiments revealed the Aqueous works at least as well as the Red, but this is only from tests on 2 different rubbers. One friend (who's opinion I respect) has also tried both, and tells me the Red work better than the Aqueous on their rubber. So from this I conclude that Spinmax will have some different effects on different rubbers. However both products work very well, which is what's most important.
Purely as a rubber cleaner, the Red may be better at removing stains like finger prints and such, mainly because the solvent will help do this. However for most people this is only secondary.
More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will be added as the arise. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask us in our table tennis forum or throught the Contact Spinmax Online on this website.